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Marketing and technology can be both confusing and intimidating often times leaving individuals feeling overwhelmed.

The WFG Spark Event was created to provide insight and education into today’s hottest issues that impact title professionals. WFG Spark provides cutting edge information on sales, technology and marketing strategies to help increase your title business as well as your clients. It’s an event where you’ll walk away with game changing strategies that can help take your business to the next level.


WFG Spark Ignition is what happens NEXT. What do you do after the event, next week, next month and throughout the year. Ignition is ALL about EXECUTION ! How to implement the ideas, the strategies and systems ALL year long.  Ignition also gives you the FUEL in a tab called “THE GAS CAN” that you can take with you in the field to bring value and education to your clients in all of their marketing and business activities.

Ignition is an educator of marketing, technology, social, mobile and more importantly…sales. Ignition is your differentiator.

First there’s a SPARK, then there’s Ignition.





Ready to Ignite your Business?

Definition of Spark Ignition: A spark is an idea or mindset.  When several sparks (ideas) are grouped together they ignite, creating strategies which are used to promote growth and willingness to move past the status quo.

Spark Ignition is a learning portal that was created just for WFG Agents that are constantly striving for creation and differentiation.